YLI Thread

YLI Thread

YLI Silk #50

All YLI Silk Threads are spun with Pure Filament Kanagawa Silk - the highest quality silk thread in the world. YLI Silk #50 is considered an all
purpose size used for construction, for digitized embroidery designs, ormore visible quilting. Silk has a beautiful sheen which contrasts so well with the cottons traditionally used in quilting. Tex 27 - 243 Denier.

YLI Silk #100

The finest filament silk thread on the market. Tex 12. Primarily used in hand applique and machine quilting. Available on 200 m spools and 1000 yard cones.

YLI Variegated Silk #100, 7 Colors

YLI Variegated Silk #100 is a richly colored, subtle tone-on tone filament silk available in 7 colors. This thread is designed for the machine quilter who wants to add a bit of color change to the quilting.

YLI Silk Sparkle, 7 Colors

Imagine YLI's popular Silk #100 twisted with one strand of gold or silver metallic! As you quilt, this thread adds just a bit of sparkle to the
quilting design. 7 different color combinations. 

YLI Silk Floss, 84 Colors

Finest quality silk floss in the industry.