YLI Thread

YLI Thread Cotton Threads

Fusions by Laura Heine, 100% Cotton Quilting Thread, 25 Colors

24/3 Egyptian Gassed & Mercerized Cotton

Fusions by Laura Heine is a heavy weight 100% cotton quilting thread meant to be seen. Strong enough for longarm, yet great for home machines, this collection is a reflection of Laura’s well-known flair for gorgeous, innovative use of color in quilts. Put up on a wooden spool to further separate Fusions from regular machine quilting thread. Explore the possibilities! 

YLI Prime Piecing Thread, 8 Colors

70/2 PLY 100% Glazed Cotton

Most of the time, any old thread will do for piecing. But, if you are concerned about tight corners or sharp points, Prime is for you! 70/2 starch glazed cotton just sinks into your fabric. Proven over many years of industrial sewing, YLI brings this great product to quilters. Economical, large spools last a long, long time. 

YLI Quilt Highlights. Hand Dyed Organic Braid, 16 Colors

Perfect for a new dimension to your products. Couching, Bobbin Work or letting your creative Juices Flow!
Not a thread but a whole line of braided embellishments. Start with Kathrin Weber’s hand dyed organic cotton braid. Use the 16 gorgeous color combinations – slightly different every time – to highlight your blocks or echo your quilting stitches. Add color, depth, and texture to your design. 

YLI Quilting Thread, 26 Colors

40/3 ply Extra Long Staple  

Egyptian Cotton is a Hand Quilter's dream. It has a unique all natural glazed finish and comes on an exclusive wooden spool.26 Rich Traditional Solid Colors

YLI Soft Touch, 28 Colors

60/2 ply Extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton 

Introduced initially as a wonderful bobbin thread, Soft Touch has quickly gained popularity, as a great piecing thread and it  is wonderful  when used in hand and machine appliqué. It is also a wonderful heirloom thread and can be used for lace making, binding quilts and fine embroidery.

YLI Cotton Star Multi-Color

Tex 35 3 Ply

100% Premium Extra Long Staple, Mercerized Egyptian Giza Cotton

• Mercerized for Strength and Luster
• Excellent Stitch Deinition
• Long Arm Machine Quilting and Craft Thread
• 1200 Yard Tube
• 54 Multi-Color Choices

YLI Variegated Hand Quilting Thread, 14 Variegated Colors

40/3 ply 

Extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton is a Hand Quilter's dream. It has a unique all natural glazed finish and comes on an exclusive wooden spool. The glazed finish protects the thread from wear and allows smooth stitching.