Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design

Successful embroidery projects start with the right STABILIZER! Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Designs sets the standard for quality, convenience and range of stabilizer products. 

OESD has a stabilizer for your every need: wash away, tear away and fusible and more.

OESD Specialty Stabilizers

OESD Applique Fuse & Fix #HBA20

Applique Fuse & Fix #HBA20

Applique is a breeze with this Fuse & Fix stabilizer. One side is fusible, the other is sticky, but can be stitched through and will not gum up the needle. Applique created with this stabilizer does not feel overly stiff. 

Available: White 8" x 10" sheets 20 sheets per package

OESD Badgemaster AquaFilm #HBABM

Badgemaster AquaFilm #HBABM

Triple the weight of AquaFilm Backing. Used for stand-alone lace or for embroidered items in which only the thread will remain. A great stabilizer for sewing on sheer, lightweight, and fine fabrics when all traces of stabilizer must be removed from the fabrics. Rinses out easily with lukewarm water. To give a stiff effect to stand-alone laces, rinse for a brief period of time so that some of stabilizer remains. For a softer effect, allow to soak for a longer time. 

Available in: White 12" x 8 yards  

OESD Fuse & Fleece #HBFF

Fuse & Fleece #HBFF

A versatile stabilizer that softens after washing, and can be used on nearly all fabrics, with nearly any design. Good for denim, sweatshirt fleece, or heavy knits. Can be used with softer fabrics (ex. rayon, challis) when you are stitching a high count design. It should be used in multiple layers for high stitch count designs and/or lots of detail and shading, to prevent outline issues.  

Available Sizes: 10" x 5 yards, 15" x 5 yards or 20" x 5 yards

Gentle Touch Backing #HBGT

Gentle Touch Backing #HBGT

Use Gentle Touch stabilizer for backing on embroidery or seams that may otherwise be uncomfortable or abrasive to sensitive skin. 

Available Sizes: 10" x 5 yards 

OESD Top Cover Permanent Topping #HBTC

Top Cover Permanent Topping #HBTC

This permanent topping prevents show-through on contrasting embroidery. Great for fleece and textured fabrics.

 Available Sizes:  8" x 9" sheets, 20 sheets per package (8 black, 8 white, 4 ivory) OR 15" x 5 yards in white